The University of Houston's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science would like to introduce a website that allows users to view an air quality forecast over the southeast region of Texas. Forecasts represent 48-hr animations produced by our two models, each with a meteorological profile, mixing ratios of tracer species, and available for six different levels in our lower atmosphere. The two models used in this website are the Community Multi-scale Air Quality (CMAQ) model and the Weather Research Forecasting-Chemistry (WRF-Chem) model, both of which make up SPOCK, a state-of-the-art linux clustered computer system created by Dr. Yunsoo Choi's research group at UH. There are two air quality forecastings of ozone and PM2.5 over Southeast Texas (4km) and US (12km).

Air Quality Forecasting

Air pollution serves as a world-wide hazard considering the significant health, ecological, and economic consequences we experience. Increased concentrations of surface ozone and particulate matter (PM) contribute to medical problems such as respiratory and cardiovascular illness. Using this resource allows viewers to analyze our forecasts from today to tomorrow. The advantage for clicking on today shows tomorrow's forecast. Making these forecasts for ozone and PM over the United States available from SPOCK is our next addition to this website. Forecasting results from SPOCK supports the general public, air quality policy makers, and the research community.