Query Systems

Two query systems are design to ilustrate the modeling results of bimass burning project.

Web-based data visualization system

This system allows users to select the pollutant components (among O3, CO, and PM2.5), starting and ending data of study (between April to November of 2012 to 2014), and latitude and longitude of a boundary box (in the North American domain). Using this information, an NCL script in the SPOCK server will be executed to generate time-series of biomass-burning and non-biomass burning cases. The modeling data is also superimposed on the observations available in the selected boundary for comparison. A download link is available on the result page in order to archive the time-series as a text file.


Query system for ozone countor plots in US domain

In this system, by inputting desired year, month, day, and hour of study, two contour plots will appear. The plots represent the spatial distribution of ozone concentration using CMAQ output with 12 km horizontal resolution. One of the plots shows the concentration distribution of biomass-burning case and the other one displays the spatial distribution of change in ozone concentration caused by biomass burning.

Schematic Schematic