Purpose of use

Arturo J. Blanco

Houston Department of Health and Human Services

Help improve the air qualiy in the Houston area

Guoning Chen

University of Houston

Vector field analysis and visualization

Christoph Eick

University of Houston

Characterization of O3 and PM2.5 high peak correlation

Michael Geigert

The State of Connecticut

State of CT air quality forecasting reviewer

Winifred Hamilton

Baylor College of Medicine

Director of Environmental Health Science

Nabin Malakar

The City College of New York

O3 and PM2.5 forecasting analyst in northeast US region

Richard Monteith

The Environmental Protection Agency Region 4

O3, PM2.5, and precursor analyst

David Nunes

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

Air Quality Specialist

Daniel Price

University of Houston

Understanding air pollution patterns and its effects on their daily lives at the Houston Clean Air Network

Steve Reid

Sonoma Technology, Inc.

CMAQ 36-km real-time forecasting for cities across US

Brenda Reyes

Houston Department of Health and Human Services

Bureau Chief for the Community & Children's Environmental Health Division

Elaine Symanski

University of Texas School of Public Health

Evaluating health effects associated with poor air quality using forecasting results in epidemiologic studies

Robert Talbot

University of Houston

Using the forecasting results for undergraduate class

Candice W.

Sun Yet-set University, group leader Xuemei Wang

CMAQ and WRF-Chem Modeling in PRD region

James Wilkinson

Golder Associates, Inc.

O3 phenomenon over SE Texas region

Richard Wong

The Environmental Protection Agency

O3, PM2.5, and precursor analyst