Sunday, August 05, 2007

HGB Area


Maximum 1-hr Ozone (ppb)

Maximum 8-hr Ozone (ppb)


62 C78


Statistical Model

76 (72)


Human Forecast



Acutal (Observed)

44 C557


Model Forecast Updated on 8/5/2007 5:50:02 AM. Previous Forecast in Parenthesis.



There is a pressure high in the gulf just off LA coast which brought southerly to the region. With partly
cloudy skies, we will not have a high ozone today. The stat-model has an obviously high bias this summmer,
likely due to the unusally cloudy skies and more rain events. High is likely to be around ship channel or

Yesterday's high occurred in the morning in the city, which is not common. From noon, the SE wind picked up
and moved/dispersed plumes toward NW.

8/5/2007 8:07:35 AM