Sunday, July 08, 2007

HGB Area


Maximum 1-hr Ozone (ppb)

Maximum 8-hr Ozone (ppb)


48 C552


Statistical Model



Human Forecast



Acutal (Observed)

38 C557




Today's overall ozone should be low due to cloudy skies. The forecasted weather is similar to yesterday
though wind is more SW than W. It is really hard to tell if yesterday's small scale convergence is recurring.
Since that is a low probability event, we assume not and give usual forecast. The high is likely in NE of
ship channel. Since it's not in our forecast zone, the high may lie around ship channel, like C617.

NWS forecast said normal summer weather was returning next week with hot day and seabreeze in the afternoon.

Yesterday's forecast is way off due to the spike in a small area near Seabrook. The ozone at the whole HGB
is still low. A more detailed account can be found at yesterday's discussion.

7/8/2007 9:28:35 AM